For rest in Jaunlidumnieki to get to know nature


In order for your vacation in Jaunlidumnieki to be successful, I want to make sure that your time is spent valuable. And I want you not only to have rested, but also to have found valuable activities for yourself. Here you can learn about activities that introduce nature, bring you closer and refresh you. The rural environment is very suitable for getting to know yourself and your partner anew, spending time in joint activities and new responsibilities. As an example, I can recommend – orienting yourself in nature by walking a nature trail (Mālpils nature trail) , lighting a fireplace or boating if you are not an experienced boater. You can also get to know the most popular boating routes and rivers in our vicinity - Routes in Latvian rivers or take a boat ride on the Suda River. Boat trip on the Suda River is nice to get to know nature and cool off in hot weather.

atpūta Jaunlīdumniekos
rest in a holiday home

laivas brauciens

Boat trip on the Suda River

A boat trip on the Suda river will introduce you to the nature of this place. The Suda River is a great place to feel close to nature. Going on a boat trip, which is available at the holiday home, you will discover a 2-3 km long river trip, you will hear the voices of birds, you may meet a swan.

pirts rituāls Siguldā

Sauna ritual in Sigulda

Sauna ritual in Sigulda - this is a place in Sigulda county, where you have the opportunity to create your own sauna ritual. We have prepared self-cut brooms from trees that grow in our area. Get to know the characteristics of different sauna brooms and choose the most suitable and pleasant one for you.

zaļu tējas

Herbal teas

We collect herbal teas every year to give you refreshment in cooler evenings and autumns and to conjure up the ripe aroma of summer. On our shelf you will find mint, chamomile, calendula and other country teas

garšvielu dārziņš

Spice garden

Relaxation in the countryside is unimaginable for me without fresh greens - the spice garden is located near the holiday home. Here you will find fresh scallions and parsley, as well as mint, thyme and lavender.

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