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par brīvdienu māju

The holiday house is located in Sigulda county, 16 km from the city - Sigulda. Also nearby is the Gauja National Park and the widest network of walking trails in the Baltics - Enter Gauja. There are ample opportunities to enjoy adventure activities in Sigulda. You can get to know them more closely - Sigulda's adventures.
Next to the holiday house there are 5 large oak trees, which create a special atmosphere in this place and create a feeling of home.

My mission is to make rural recreation compatible with city amenities.

The resources available to me are natural landscape, country atmosphere, log building and hospitality.

Holiday home - experience in a traditional log building

Holiday house Jaunlīdumnieki is located in a traditional log building built in 2006. Here, log house traditions and modern conveniences come together.

A log building helps to provide a pleasant environment - retain heat in summer, provide good thermal insulation and the warming effect of wood in winter. In my opinion, a log house is a relevant, ecological and modern solution that creates a pleasant environment and is traditional.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to listen to the voices of birds. On the other hand, looking at the starry sky at night is something that is not available in the hustle and bustle of the city. We have various amenities, which are necessary for recreation in the countryside.

Come to us for relaxation

With us, you can organize your vacation by choosing from the available options. Recreation in the countryside is a great way to get inspired and renew your mental strength. Warm up in the sauna, spend the evening at fireplace with herbal teas and board games, go fishing or on a boat trip. All activities are provided free of charge. I want them to become a great idea for you to build and supplement your rest. I invite you to plan a little in advance how you will spend your holidays and make them a little trip for yourself. Schedule time for yourself to go to the sauna, which will be complemented by the aroma of mint from the spice garden. We have prepared sauna brooms for you. All you need is a desire to arrange a sauna evening for yourself according to the traditions of your ancestors.

laivas brauciens

Boat trip on the Suda River

A boat trip on the Suda river will introduce you to the nature of this place. The Suda River is a great place to feel close to nature. Going on a boat trip, which is available at the holiday home, you will discover a 2-3 km long river trip, you will hear the voices of birds, you may meet a swan.

pirts rituāls Siguldā

Sauna ritual in Sigulda

Sauna ritual in Sigulda - this is a place in Sigulda county, where you have the opportunity to create your own sauna ritual. We have prepared self-cut brooms from trees that grow in our area. Get to know the characteristics of different sauna brooms and choose the most suitable and pleasant one for you.

zaļu tējas

Herbal teas

We collect herbal teas every year to give you refreshment in cooler evenings and autumns and to conjure up the ripe aroma of summer. On our shelf you will find mint, chamomile, calendula and other country teas

garšvielu dārziņš

Spice garden

Relaxation in the countryside is unimaginable for me without fresh greens - the spice garden is located near the holiday home. Here you will find fresh scallions and parsley, as well as mint, thyme and lavender.


Our photos, in which I invite you to get to know the holiday home Jaunlidumnieki and what your vacation can be like here. Here you can get to know the kitchen corner, the living room, the bedroom, the sauna room. I invite you to get a first impression of the premises and inspiration before you decide to visit us. Image gallery.

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