pirts Jaunlīdumnieki

What I experienced while creating Jaunlidumnieks

pirts Jaunlīdumnieki

The story of the holiday home - since 2014, I started creating this place so that both I and my family could have a pleasant vacation here. Both my mother and aunt have helped me with advice.

For me, this place and its creation allowed me to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, recover myself, find inner harmony and live in the rhythm of rural life. When creating this place, I wanted that when you come to Jaunlidumnieki, you could live a little in the rhythm of rural life and feel close to nature during your rest.

guļamistaba Jaunlīdumneiki


My philosophy of life is to be in harmony with myself and to find inner harmony with myself, fellow human beings and the world around me. I would like to wish everyone who has visited or will visit Jaunlidumnieki to find and experience it. I hope you will like the atmosphere and rural peace here.

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