Gauajs Nacionālais parks

Gauja National Park - a place for great walks

Gauajs Nacionālais parks

Did you know that the Gauja National Park is the place where you can find the widest network of trails in the Baltics, as well as that they are available in the application and therefore much easier to walk, because not only a map will take you on a walk along them, but also a digital guide created by Enter Gauja a guide?

The Gauja National Park offers both longer and shorter walking trails and bicycle routes that will be suitable for different travelers and their goals. There are trails that are more suitable for a 2-hour walk - e.g. Vēpūpīte Ravine, as well as trails that will be suitable for a several-day hike. One of the examples of a 4h cycle route for everyone – bike ride along Velna cave to Krimulda.

If you are a lover of walking trails and you feel that there is something for you to explore in this region, or at least discover something new for yourself. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the trails of the Gauja National Park - Enter Gauja in the created guide. More you will find about walking paths here.

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