atpūtas mājiņa

Rest house - Jaunlidumnieki

atpūtas mājiņa

Autumn and winter are good times to devote time to needlework. At this time, it is possible to create various decorations. A holiday home is a suitable environment to place decorations from nature's bounty. Also, when waiting for Christmas, it is nice to indulge in decorating in a calm atmosphere. This time I made only an advent wreath and a small light decoration. But the satisfaction was not only created decorations, but also the time I spent creating them. Making them was like a little meditation and preparation for the celebration.

In fact, decorating is a fun activity all year round. It is an inspiration to be in nature, to see the gifts of nature, which will be the best basis for decorations for a holiday home - Jaunlīdumnieki. During such a simple walk, it is possible to see various natural materials that I would not have noticed at first. And I would hardly think to put it as a basis when creating a decor. But by looking several times, ideas are formed, which can be created from every gift of nature. Sometimes when you see nature's gifts - acorns, chestnuts, cones - you want to pick them up, but if you have to throw them back, it seems pointless to read them. But thinking about the decors gives meaning and motivation to read them. I didn't buy most of the other ingredients in specialized stores, but Depot or Rimi.

Inspiration for the decor - the holiday house Jaunlidumnieki

Sometimes it seems, where to find inspiration. But ideas can sometimes arise just by looking at nature's gifts. This time I made an Advent wreath from thistles. They had grown together in the garden. This is an excellent plant for creating compositions. However, it began to take up too much space in the garden. I had the idea to make an Advent wreath from round, ball-like plants. And acorns, chestnuts seemed a little ordinary and gloomy. As a result, it was possible to achieve a velvety appearance of the decor. Also, I liked its cool tone, which fits into the gray interior. Such decor created a great Christmas atmosphere in the holiday home.

However, to create a Christmas atmosphere in the holiday home, I wanted more light. I managed to create a really great atmosphere by creating a lamp decor in an old-timey wine bottle. I had previously noticed this idea in various light decorations available in interior stores. However, the purchased decorations did not seem suitable for the holiday house Jaunlidumnieki. Therefore, I decided that I would start creating such a decor myself. As a result, I liked the atmosphere created in the holiday home.

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